Technical Specifications:

Vacuum Bags (Regular Sizes)
Name Size in mm Approx. Weight of Each Bag Storage Capacity of Bag Single Layer Thickness
Vacuum Large 585 x 785 138 Grams 25 kg / 50 LBS 160 Micron
Vacuum Small 485 x 685 100 Grams 12.5 kg / 25 LBS 160 Micron
Note : Alternative sizes may be available on request, subject to MOQ.


Granostor Presents Praag Grain Guard Vacuum bags. Our vacuum bags provide an air-less environment for various Agro -commodities, along with significantly increasing their shelf life and reducing the storage space .
Our Multilayered Vacuum bags are much stronger against wear and tear, hence provide an utmost protection against air/moisture.
We have specifically designed Praag Grain Guard Vacuum bags to reduce air permeability and to hold and maintain vacuum within the bags for a longer period.
Benefits and Features :
Using vacuum packaging, bags reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi, and preventing the evaporation of volatile components.
Require minimum space for storage & ease of handling.
Ideally suited for maximizing the loadability in container. (Exports/transportation) 
Maintains taste, color & freshness of products.
Protection from dust, moisture & sunlight.
No wastage because of strong , durable & high puncture resistance.
Eco friendly & longer life.
Ideal for various types of commodity packaging like cashews, pulses, rice, wheat, flour, nuts, tea, coffee/cocoa beans etc.