Technical Specifications:

Hermetic Bags ( EVOH - High Barrier Bags) (Regular Sizes)
Name Size in mm Approx. Weight of Each Bag Storage Capacity of Bag Single Layer Thickness
Hermetic Large 750 x 1560 156 Grams 100 kg 78 Micron
Hermetic Standard 700 x 1300 140 Grams 80 kg 78 Micron
Hermetic Medium 650 x 950 93 Grams 60 kg 78 Micron
Hermetic Small 580 x 1000 84 Grams 30 kg 78 Micron
Note : Alternative sizes may be available on request, subject to MOQ.



Hermetic bags create an air-tight environment inside the bags, that prevents the products stored in them from getting spoiled by air/moisture.
Hermetic bags are also called as EVOH bags (Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol). These bags do not allow oxygen inside the bags which result in increases of CO2 level. This kills the insects by creating an anaerobic environment.
Applications and usages of Hermetic Bags:
Mainly used in the storage of Maize (Corn), Tea, Coffee beans, Cacao beans, Lentils, Cereals, Flours, Herbs, Spices, Pulses, Nuts etc.
Dehydrated Products like Ginger, Garlic, Onion etc.